Tourist Attractions in Morogoro

tourist attractions in morogoro

Tourist attractions in Morogoro are Mikumi national park, Uluguru mountains which are very popular in the country and outside for you to enjoy.

Morogoro lies in the agricultural heartland of Tanzania with, and is a centre of farming in the southern highlands. Tobacco is grown in the region and consolidated here before going to the market. In addition to its agricultural importance, Morogoro is also the centre for missionary work that goes on in the country, and various missions and their schools and hospitals are a central feature of the town.

Morogoro has a lots of tourist attractions for excitement and plenty of character, Culture, National park, Mountains adventure for you to enjoy. and food

The town of Morogoro lies at the base of the Uluguru Mountains, part of the Eastern Arc chain. Its close location to the peaks makes Morogoro an important stop for hiking trips to the Ulugurus. The mountains are notable for their ancient forests, which botanists estimate to be around 25 million year old — some of the oldest forests on the continent. The ancient woodlands support an incredible array of bird and insect life, as well as diverse plant species. The indigenous Luguru tribe offers cultural tourism programmes around the Ulugurus and even outside Morogoro.

Best Time to Visit Morogoro

The best time to visit Morogoro-City is June to August, nonetheless, the weather remains warm and humid year round but does experience two rainy seasons; October to December and March to May.

How to get to Morogoro

Morogoro Airport is only served by a particular airline which runs four times in a week between Dar es Salaam and Morogoro. You can access the city by road either with your personal car or with Public transport, the roads connecting Morogoro to Dar es Salaam, Dodoman and Iringa are in perfect condition. The city’s transportation is occupied by the national railway system, while on getting into the city there are different buses (dala dala) available for transportation within the city.