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Bagamoyo 2 Days

Start from Dar es salaam

The town of Bagamoyo was one of the most important trading ports on the East African coast and the penultimate stop of slave and ivory caravans travelling on foot from Lake Tanganyika on their way to Zanzibar. Missionaries active in abolishing the slave trade made Bagamoyo, whose name means ‘bury my heart’ in Kiswahili, a center for their activities.

bagamoyo beach

Bagamoyo is a quiet village with a few German colonial buildings still standing. In the past, the town of Bagamoyo was one of the most important trading ports on the entire East African coast. Its port was the penultimate stop of slave and ivory caravans that travelled on foot all the way from Lake Tanganyika. Once the caravans reached Bagamoyo, the slaves and ivory were shipped by dhow to Zanzibar, where they were then dispatched all over the world. These days, Bagamoyo is a centre of dhow building in the region and along the Tanzanian Coast.

bagamoyo fish market

There are lot of things to experience, to discover and Things to see, it depends on your Itinerary

Bagamoyo Stone Town tour

• Bagamoyo Biking tours

• Kaole ruins tour

• Crocodiles farm tour

• Visits to Caravan serai Museum

• Visits to Catholic Old church & Museum

• Mangrove forest tour

• Fish with local fishermen

• Marine tours

• Visit Ngome kongwe

• Visit to the Old port

• Fish market tour

• The white sand beach

• Explore Coral reef

• Visit Slave prison

• Visit Art market

• Traditional Swahili Massage,

• Hair braiding

• Cultural celebrations and events

• Swahili traditional weddings

• Swahili music performances and Traditional dances

• Swahili music band entertainments

• Swahili traditional games

But for this Package will go for 2 days and visit few places

  • Bagamoyo stone town tour
stone town bagamoyo

Bagamoyo is surrounded by old buildings of the previous generation, beautiful Arab architecture with thick walls of Earth fitted with well-carved doors made of thick African hardwood. On your walk through narrow streets between Old buildings of Bagamoyo stone town you will visit the German Colonial Administrative block, Art market, Old post office, 1st Tanzania Primary School, Old Mosques, Hanging tower, Caravan Serai Museum and the fish market. On your walk along the Indian Ocean beach visit a centre for dhow sailboat building and get to know how local people builds boats.

  • Bagamoyo Catholic Church & Museum tour
Catholic church bagagmoyo

You will visit the Old tower of the first Catholic Church in East Africa, one of the Oldest Baobab tree, Cemeteries (Catholic, German and Indian), Dr. Livingstone tower, Old Fathers’ house and the Cross at the beach. Explore the museum with information about the slave trade, missionaries, life of the people and some collections of artifacts of the indigenous tribes.

  • visits the Kaole Ruins
Bagamoyo kaole ruins

 ruins of the Shirazai trade town (13th– 17th century). Then visit the crocodile farm, where crocodiles are kept before being shipped aboard.

  • Fish Market
  • Slave Prison
  • Bagamoyo Beach
  • Fish Market
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2 persons 600 usd
3 persons 800 usd
4 persons 1000 usd


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