Go Sky Diving Zanzibar

Tour Package: 400

Discount Price: Big Group

Duration: An Hour

Main Attraction: sky diving

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Sky Diving Experiences

For a once in a lifetime skydive, visit us for one of our amazing, unique hang oot moment to go sky diving Zanzibar. All of our tandem experiences days are from altitudes up to 12,000ft depending on Air Traffic control, where you will experience the ground rushing towards you with a minute of freefall and be guided from start to finish by one of our highly professional and qualified tandem skydive instructors. Whether you just need a refresher on safety precautions or a word or two of encouragement when you’re in the air, our team is committed to ensuring that you enjoy your tandem jump as much as we do. You will free fall for up to a minute before your instructor opens the parachute. At this point, you are free to relax to take in and enjoy the views of your jump. You will then securely land with your instructor on our landing ground.

Whether its a birthday gift, gift idea or as part of your bucket list why not make memories of your fantastic day go sky diving Zanzibar by using our photography and video package by capturing your moment from just $75. Capture your special event here at our skydiving center to share with your friends and family.