Uluguru Mountains

Tour Package: 35.00

Discount Price: %

Itinerary: Amazing

Duration: Day Trip

Main Attraction: hiking

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The Uluguru mountains are a mountain range in eastern Tanzania, named after the Luguru tribe. The main portion of the Uluguru mountains is a ridge running roughly north-south and rising to 2,630 metres altitude at its highest point.

This tour has 2 options, whether you go straight to the waterfall from Morogoro town or you start first hiking to Morning site then go down to the waterfall, you can request for quotes climb until bondwa peak the highest one.

This trip provides a great insight in the natural beauty of the flora, fauna and local inhabitants of Uluguru Mountain. Starting early in the morning is the best option, you will enjoy interacting with local people in the choma village, mbete village and kisosa village.